Why are you in business? Your customers need to know

Have you ever stopped to think about why you’re in the business you’re in? What is it about it that gets you out of bed in the morning?

Do your customers know how you feel? Do you talk about your business in terms of why you do what you do, instead of what and how?

The reason I ask is because your personal story, your passion for your business and your core beliefs are some of the biggest marketing tools you have at your disposal.

People buy from people

Brands capture heartsRationally, we might think that we make our decisions about what to buy and from whom based on cold, hard facts such as price, features, quality, materials, return on investment, etc. In truth, feelings and communication have a much bigger role to play in the decision-making process.

If I put two comparable companies side by side and told a potential customer they sold the same product at the same price, the deciding factor for the customer about which company to buy from would be gut instinct. Which company does the buyer believe in? Which seems more authentic? Which communicates its passion with more conviction? Which has a human story to tell? Does one business seem more in line with the buyer’s values than the other? Because that’s the company that will make the sale.

Customers don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Tell your personal story

Human beings use communication to connect with one another. When we’re talking about marketing or, more specifically, your marketing copy, the words we use help customers identify like-minded people and brands that reflect their core values or answer a specific need.

When you tell your personal story or talk about why you do what you do, you are more likely to attract your ideal customers, those people who self-select and will be ambassadors for your brand now and in the future.

So, why do you do what you do? Why should people believe in your business? Why should they believe in you? What do you believe in? These are all questions to ask yourself before you write a word of marketing copy.

The power of social proof

Truth makes a brandIt isn’t just your personal story that will create loyal customers. Social proof has a great deal of weight when it comes to creating brand loyalty. The majority of buyers are wary about how they spend their hard-earned cash. They want to know that a purchase is safe and that other people who share their values (or at least some common ground) have had a positive experience of a product or service before them. Social proof takes away risk. This is where testimonials, reviews and recommendations hold huge currency for businesses.

Of course, your customers may wish to be seen as innovators, not following the crowd but leading it, in which case they are more likely to buy products that reflect their beliefs as well as how they want to be seen.

This is where the biggest, most successful brands thrive while companies offering products or services of a comparable quality fall by the wayside. They give people a cause to follow, a purpose or core belief that buyers adopt as their own and with which they want to be identified.

A better life

Successful marketing copy encourages consumers to think about how their life might look with your product or service in it. If you lead with the why, you will help customers connect with your brand in a way that makes them feel acknowledged, important and part of something that reflects who they are. They can see the benefits and how their life will be easier, better, richer for their purchase.

So, if it’s been a while since you asked yourself why you’re in business – or, more precisely, why you’re in your business -, then take some time out today to think about it? Don’t keep your reasons to yourself; they could be what closes your next sale.

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