Seven reasons you need an e-newsletter for creating profitable business

Do you send out a regular e-newsletter to your customers, even if it’s just once a month? If not, what’s holding you back? Is it lack of time, lack of content or lack of confidence?

E-newsletters can be in incredibly powerful tool – more so even than your blog or social media – for creating warm leads and getting in front of your ideal customers to connect on a one-to-one basis. If you’re still on the fence about the value of creating an e-newsletter, here’s seven reasons why you should take action today:

1.       E-newsletters are all about those warm leads

Because UK spamming laws require people to opt-in to receiving your e-newsletter, you have the reassurance of knowing that everyone on your mailing list is a person who is interested in your business, products or services. This is what is meant by the term, ‘warm lead’. These are people who want to hear about your latest offering and already have some experience of your brand. As we all know, it’s much easier to talk to people who are going to give you a warm reception – your e-newsletter is the virtual equivalent.

E-newsletters help you connect with customers2.       Connect with your customers on a regular basis

The nature of e-newsletters and their content is that people expect to receive them on a regular basis. This means that you have a legitimate reason to get in front of your customers every week, month or quarter, depending on what works best for your business – the most important commitments are consistency and quality, rather than quantity. My own experience is that potential customers might not act straight away but they’ll keep your newsletters as a reminder of your service and contact you when the need arises.

3.       An e-newsletter complements and drives traffic back to your website

We all lead such busy lives and, as much as it would be great to think that customers are waiting with bated breath for your latest blog or product release, it’s rarely the case. However, your e-newsletter is a fantastic tool for letting potential and existing customers know that you’ve added new content to your site. It provides a portal or shop window designed to attract attention and invite people back inside your website.

Your e-newsletter should carry the same branding and visual identity as your website, so that it is immediately identifiable as part of your business and complements the deeper offering customers will find if they click through to read more.

4.       It invites interaction

E-newsletters have fantastic potential for interactivity. From clickable links to your website to videos and downloads, you can provide an immersive and engaging experience for your customers that invites them to connect with your business in a way that isn’t always possible in the noise of social media or the quiet hush of print.

5.       E-newsletters are easy to forward and share

As I’ve mentioned before, customers love social proof and word of mouth recommendations. When you create an e-newsletter that has great content, it’s much easier to share than a printed brochure, for example; the reader simply needs to forward it to a friend or share it on their favourite social media platform for you to reach new potential customers that may otherwise not have come into contact with your brand.

6.       Email marketing has the highest ROI

The Direct Marketing Association consistently recommends email marketing as the best platform for the highest return on investment. This is because e-newsletters to warm leads convert – they equal sales and recommendations at a level your blog or social media activities may never achieve.

7.       A lead magnet to grow that all-important mailing list

This is crucial. No matter how successful your other marketing activities are, it is essential to build a mailing list of potential customers. A significant amount of my own business coUse e-newsletters as lead magnetmes in through social media, for example, but the reality is that any of the social media platforms could change the rules tomorrow and shut my page or profile with no warning, effectively cutting off that connection to people who have chosen to ‘like’ my business.

By creating and growing my mailing list by using a newsletter as a lead magnet, I know that there are potential customers I can reach out to with special offers and new services using this versatile and direct one-to-one tool. We all know it’s much easier to sell to existing contacts than to make new ones.


So, do you have an e-newsletter? If so, how often does it go out? What sort of content do you include? What are your opening rates like? What day do you send it? So many questions!

If not, I hope this blog has given you food for thought. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and can give you lots of ideas about content.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding e-newsletters. Shameless plug coming up – if you’d like to receive my newsletter, which is packed full of copywriting articles, hints, tips and words of wisdom for small business owners, you can sign up here to receive your very own copy every Tuesday morning.

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