Kat Syndenham Counselling

copy for kat's new website

Kat Sydenham is a counsellor who wanted a simple website to advertise her counselling services to three different audiences. The clear benefits of her services were that there is no waiting list and no limit to the number of sessions (unlike NHS counselling services). Kat also works from a beautiful garden studio, which feels completely removed from typical clinical settings.


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CLIENT: Kat Sydenham Counselling

What Kat had to say

Emma wrote the copy for my new website last year. At first I was a bit reluctant to have a copy writer as this seemed like an extra expense, but it was well worth it. When we spoke, Emma seemed to really understand where I was coming from and wrote exactly as I think, just from a better marketing perspective than I could have done! She even came up with some really good catchphrases. The website is very effective and my business is currently running at full capacity so I highly recommend Emma’s services.

Kat Sydenham

Kat Syndenham Counselling

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