Spend an hour with me and WE'LL drill right down to the messages you need to use in your marketing and how to feel confident and natural when writing to attract your dream clients

The Copy Confidence Power Hour

Are you someone who just doesn’t know where to start when it comes to writing marketing copy for your own business?

Does writing gives you flashbacks to your school days, killing your confidence?

Are you struggling to create content that resonates with the people you want to work with?

There are lots of reasons that people can struggle with copywriting. Even confident, fantastic writers can have a bit of a block when it comes to marketing their own businesses.

While you could outsource your copywriting, maybe your budget doesn’t allow that yet or you feel passionate about communicating personally with your audience.

The power hour is your chance to spend an hour with me on Zoom unpicking your copywriting blocks.


✔  Get practical, actionable recommendations specific to your business

✔  Discover my favourite formulas for writing attention-grabbing copy

✔  Get expert guidance on a specific topic, e.g. building your blog, writing a lead magnet, discovering who your ideal customers are and how to talk to them

✔  Receive a recording of our call to keep

✔  Use my follow-up notes and recommendations to keep you on track

✔  Get prompts from the copywriting workbook whenever you feel stuck in the future

Whatever the issue – if it relates to copywriting and making your business as attractive as possible to the people you really want to work with (how amazing would that be?), I can help you get unstuck.


The Get Seen on Google Power Hour


Do you feel like you have a gorgeous-looking website but no-one is finding it because it’s hidden on page two (or worse) on Google?

Are your lovingly crafted blogs languishing on your site without being read?

Does search engine optimisation feel like a complete mystery but you just don’t have the budget to pay an expert to take it on for you?

I’ve been ghostwriting blogs and SEO guides for an award-winning SEO specialist for years, which means that I’ve got the insider’s scoop on how you can boost your Google rankings and bring more of your ideal customers to your site and get more conversions and profits as a result.

During this session, we’ll look at your current SEO and come up with a list of changes you can make straight away that should see a boost in your organic rankings moving forward, as well as long-term strategies that will transform how Google sees your business.

A power hour is a 60-minute session over Zoom where I can talk you through your individual issues.  The session costs £97 and, when payment is complete, you will be able to book the time in my diary, and complete a pre-call questionnaire.

You’ll receive a recording of the call, as well as a follow-up checklist of recommendations and workbook to refer back to.




Book your time slot

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I will send you the link to a short Google Docs questionnaire. Please complete this at least 24 hours before our power hour.

Our power hour

Click on the Zoom link when it’s time for your power hour and we’ll spend an hour chatting about your copy or SEO. You’ll receive a recording of the call and my follow-up recommendations.


Spend an hour with me and get crystal clear on who you want your copy to talk to and what they want to hear from you.


Are you completely lost when it comes to SEO and ranking well in Google searches? Let me guide you through the basics.

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