When Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business asked me to write four blog posts for her in December 2012, I was delighted. As Claire had her hands full, she asked me to look at her website and put together some ideas for potential blog posts that I thought would sit well with her target audience. As Claire specialises in helping women business owners who are ‘stuck’ and juggling a lot of balls, it struck me that many of her blog readers would be under even more pressure than usual thanks to Christmas and the school holidays. I also know that Claire helps her coaching clients to create marketing plans, visions for the future and a strong idea of their ideal customer, which is why I decided to create blog posts that focused on using the calendar to help structure a marketing plan, automating as much as possible to create time over the Christmas period and setting goals for 2013.

You can read the blog articles in full here:

What’s your calendar trying to tell you?

What can you automate while you celebrate?

Wishing you a very happy Christmas

Make 2013 the year with a plan

As these posts were so well received, Claire asked me to continue to write for her blog. These are some of the articles I have written for The Girls Mean Business Blog in 2013 so far:

When we concentrate on value, not price

Why we get so stuck and what we can do about it

Why it pays to outsource

Are you harnessing the power of Facebook?

What’s your story?

Don’t get it perfect, get it done

You can read Claire’s lovely testimonial in full on the sidebar to the right. However, I thought I’d include it here too (as it was too nice not to show off):

“I didn’t need to change a word. I love, love, love what she wrote for me. Her writing style is warm, easy to read and professional, the content relevant and reassuring. I felt that she had taken the time to understand my business and put herself in my shoes. I was able to schedule the blog posts for a month, then go away on holiday knowing that my blog would continue seamlessly in my absence. I have no hesitation in recommending Emma’s fabulous copywriting and blog services to others.”





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