Nottingham Trent University

Commercial activities brochure

In 2011, I worked with Nottingham Trent University over a period of six months to create a commercial brochure aimed at businesses, as well to source and write as many supporting case studies as possible. The university’s commercial activities such as business-focused research, learning and development, educational solutions and cutting-edge facilities and equipment all generate essential revenue and will be essential to every higher education establishment in the future. The tone of the brochure needed to be professional and to the point, showcasing the many ways in which the university could support and work with businesses. In consultation with key members of the university’s commercial marketing team, I decided that the copy would focus on a central theme of ‘Working together’. All the main section pages featured ‘Working together’ alongside headlines such as ‘to innovate’, ‘to conduct business-focused research’ and ‘to support learning and development’.

This was a 48pp full-colour brochure. I have featured ten pages from the brochure here but if you would like to see the whole brochure, please contact me and I will be happy to email you a copy.

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