Nottingham Trent University

Commercial case studies

In 2011, the Nottingham Trent University engaged my services to spend six months sourcing and writing commercial case studies that showcased the many ways in which the University can work with businesses and organisations in the private and public sectors. I was given the names of several key contacts within the University and free reign to explore the potential lines of enquiry that arose from meetings with these initial contacts and their colleagues. It was a challenging project, not least because it ran over the summer months when many of the academic staff were absent, but I successfully wrote 45 case studies and found leads for a further 100 potential case studies. These case studies will be used to support the University’s commercial activities and complement the commercial activities brochure I wrote at the same time.

The sheer scale of the project and the number of contacts involved (at least one university contact and business contact for each) meant that I had to meticulously manage and document every action and meeting. One of my biggest achievements on this project was to secure case studies from internationally-renowned businesses such as Kentz, PepsiCo Europe, Barclays and Xerox. The case studies also highlighted some of the invaluable work carried out by not-for-profit organisations.

You can find the full case studies online at

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