H&P – Queen of Herts Cakes

Company name, copyediting and website copy
Client: H&P Design (on behalf of Queen of Herts Cakes)

H&P’s client, a new cake-making business based in Hertfordshire, had approached the company to design and develop her website and promotional leaflets. First, she needed a company name, something that would reflect her flair for making cakes that tell a personal story, as well as her location. I brainstormed more than 100 names, which were grouped by themes and concepts. The stand-out favourite was ‘Queen of Herts Cakes’ because it resonated with memories of childhood stories and baking. The name also plays on the business’s location.

With the name and brand in place, I wrote the copy for a leaflet, which was then used as the basis for the website. I was asked to write the ‘About’ page to reflect H&P’s client’s journey, experience and passion for her stunning creations.

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