H&P – Platinum Dental Care

Company name, website and brochure copy
Client: H&P Design (on behalf of Platinum Dental Care)

Early in 2012, H&P asked me to brainstorm some ideas for a new name for a dental clinic based in the heart of London’s Docklands. The dentists concerned had bought and completely refurbished a high-end private dental practice. H&P’s clients didn’t want names that were too ‘fluffy’. Instead, they wanted a name that resonated with elegance, chic and exclusivity. I put together more than 100 potential names for the company, each groups by ideas and themes. ‘Platinum Dental Care’ was the clear favourite for a number of reasons. It reflected the idea of quality but also spoke of the industrial colour palate of the Docklands. H&P created a simple but stunning logo of a water ripple that carried the platinum theme through the design.

Once the name of the dental practice was set, H&P gave me a brief to write the copy for their client’s website. The dentists were hoping to attract more City workers and local professionals to the practice. The clients are a young couple and they wanted to appear friendly, professional and create a sense of a luxury experience for their patients. Through the copy I was able to show how patients are looked after from start to finish, the way their every need and expectation is met in state-of-the-art and comfortable surroundings. I stressed the flexibility of evening and weekend appointment times to fit in with people’s busy lifestyles and the aesthetic benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Finally, the key messages of the website were carried over to a new welcome pack/brochure, which was to be given to new patients joining the practice.

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