H&P – Harpenden Skin Clinic

Website copy and leaflet
Client: H&P Design (on behalf of Harpenden Skin Clinc)

Harpenden Skin Clinic is a medically-led skin clinic specialising in facial aesthetics and cosmetic enhancement. It offers skincare treatments, laser hair removal and facial aesthetic procedures, including wrinkle reduction with Botox and dermal fillers.

The brief I was given when writing the Harpenden Skin Clinic website was to make the copy simple, clinical and friendly. Each of the treatment pages featured information about the treatment and its key benefits, as well as questions and answers designed to give clients a much clearer understanding of the treatment in question. The language used throughout the website is warm, reassuring and informative. You can read the full copy on the stunning, easy-to-navigate Harpenden Skin Clinic website.

Several weeks later, I was asked to write a six-page leaflet for Harpenden Skin Clinic. As with the website, the leafet needed to be clinical and simple, as well as friendly and welcoming in tone. It outlined all of the key treatments available through the clinic and explained the initial consultation process, but H&P were keen to avoid a copy-heavy leaflet, instead favouring short, informative paragraphs that would sit comfortably in the design.

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