Client: John Ferneley College

In 2010, John Ferneley College in Melton Mowbry went through a complete rebrand to coincide with the College’s move into a new, purpose-built building. My brief was to create the copy for the College’s new prospectus and website. John Ferneley College takes pupils from ages 11-19 and represents a very modern approach to education with large, open areas, a single school corridor, bully-proof bathrooms, and state-of-the-art learning zones. The copy needed to communicate the many opportunities that pupils have at the College, as well as the ethos, which emphasises ‘care’, ‘learning’, ‘achievement’ and ‘community’.

The prospectus is sent out to prospective pupils in print or can be downloaded as a PDF from the website. It needed to complement the website and fit with the bright, fresh design of the publication. Therefore, it was important not to use too much copy. The prospectus would mainly be used by parents alongside their children.

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