2013 blog roundup

2013 blog roundup

This week, I’m facing the common dilemma of a work at home parent – juggling business with having a poorly child off school and in need of cuddles. So I’m afraid my planned blog for this week has had to take a back seat while I prioritise my grumpy boy and client work.

Instead, in true sitcom flashback episode-style (without the canned laughter), I thought now would be the ideal time to bring you a blog roundup of my most popular copywriting articles from 2013.

It would seem that lots of you have blogging, ebooks, SEO, procrastination and juggling home and family commitments on your mind, as these articles have attracted by far and away the most traffic, comments and/or social shares.

Although I had wanted to write a blog for a long time, it was only when I launched my new website in February of this year that I decided the time had come to take action. Now blogging is an essential part of my work week and I love having the opportunity to talk about different aspects of copywriting in more detail.

If you missed them the first time round, I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them:

  1. Ten-minute steps to creating an amazing blog article every week
  2. Seven lessons children can teach us about the art of persuasion
  3. 10 years as a freelancer (the highs and lows)
  4. How to create your free ebook in just seven days
  5. Nine common website mistakes that could be losing you business
  6. Are you struggling to make an emotional connection with your customers?
  7. How being a work at home has made me better
  8. Why procrastination isn’t always a bad thing
  9. The three pillars of SEO
  10. Turn the spotlight on your customers – why it’s time to lose the me, me, me

By the time I post next week’s blog, Christmas Day will be over and we’ll be entering that strange limbo time between Christmas and New Year. I hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy some downtime with your friends and family, to relax and recharge your batteries before starting 2014 with a bang.

Happy Christmas. I hope it’s a good one.

Emma x

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